Where is Your Business Most Vulnerable for Crime?

prelockbussecurityOnce you get settled into your new business and everything seems to be running smoothly you may have a tendency to start feeling comfortable about your security measures. When first starting up a business there are so many things to tend to that you may have overlooked some additional security measures and just concentrated on the basics.

You are probably thinking as long as you have good locks on the doors and windows, and a decent security system in place then you are safe. For the most part you probably are, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a quick review.

How do things look from the outside. Try thinking like a crook for the moment and take a walk around the exterior of your business. Does there appear to be anything that would provide easy cover for a crook if were to go about trying to gain entry?

Is there anything laying around that he could break a window with for a quick smash and grab? You would be surprised at home many home and business owners provide the necessary tools for a break in thief with everyday objects laying around.

Are you using video surveillance, and if so is it strategically positioned and are you keeping up to date with it?

If you service the general public have you educated your employees on what to look for when it comes to potential shoplifters?

Do you have a good monitoring system in place if you tend to be away from your business? Do you have backup people to handle an emergency in this event?

There are a lot of security questions that you need to ask yourself, but you also have to be tuned into as what makes your business unique and based on this are there any vulnerabilities.

If you have not opened the doors for business as yet, then you really should set the appropriate amount of time aside to make sure you are paying enough attention to all of your security requirements.

You will be must further ahead if you deal with an experienced security company that is going to treat you as an individual with individual business security needs. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the best protection.

Remember, that its not just crime that you need to be concerned about either. you have a responsibility for the personal safety and well being of your staff while there are on your premises, so you want to make sure everything related to this is in good working order.

It is tough running a business nowadays as thieves have become much more brazen and educated in their field of work which is stealing. A business that has paid attention to security details is far less of a target than those companies who have only done the basics.

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