Keeping your Toronto Garage Safe From Intruders

garage securityNaturally you want to keep every part of your home secure and you may have various security measures in place to do this, but you want to pay extra attention to vulnerable areas like your garage.

Sometimes with older security systems, or for those who only want the basics in this type of security they tend to forget about the garage, thinking that it is a separate area from the home. Yet this area is often one that is favored by the break in artist for that very reason.

Some homeowners tend not to even bother locking their garage door if they don’t keep anything of value in it. Yet there may be a door there that leads to the house that could easily be entered by a thief it it doesn’t have the proper locks, or locking it is forgotten about.

It is important when having your security system installed or upgraded to include the garage as an important part of the house. Another good security measure to make sure that any of the windows that the garage may have are covered or tinted. This way it leaves the would be thief unsure as to whether the garage contents would be worth the risk they have to take to enter.

Simply having motion lights installed near the garage door is a good deterrent for a burglar. At one time these use to be more of a irritation then a  benefit. They have come a long way since they first came out on the market, and only activated now when there is viable threat. They are no longer sensitive to movement created by animals or the wind, which was at one time a common occurrence.

You will also find that if you are going to be away from home for more than a day that it would be beneficial to install and lock the garage door even if you normally use an automatic door opener. What you may not realize is that there are only a certain amount of frequencies available for the auto door openers. If the burglar in your area happens to have the right frequency then you may as well just hand over the opener to him. It has been known that some manufacturers use the exact same frequency for the door opener of a particular model or brand.

While these few tips will help you with your garage security, be sure to contact the security pros at Pre-lock for a lot more information and some great security products and services.


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