Using Your Away From Home Mode on Your Security System

homeIt is a tendency for many people to have alarm systems installed in their home then not take advantage of all that they have to offer. At first they are enthusiastic about using some of the features, but the novelty then wears off. By not using what your security system is capable of then you could be making yourself vulnerable and your home is not fully protected.

There are different modes or settings on your alarm system depending which type you have. Most have a away from home mode and you should learn how to use this properly and then make it a practice that every family member follows.

Your away mode reacts differently to your home mode. When you set the away mode the alarm is going to be activated for every security feature that is implemented in your system. This sets the alarm for your entry and motion sensors. It includes any other sensors that are part of the security program like glass breaking sensors. Once set your security system is in full response mode.

Some people don’t like to set the away from home feature because they feel panicky about getting out of the home once they have set it in time before the alarm triggers. A good quality security system will give you plenty of time to set the away from home mode and vacate the residence. It will also give you enough time when you are entering the home to de-activate it.

If you did make a mistake and not vacate the home quickly enough you can easily reset the alarm, or inform the monitoring center about this, informing them you made a mistake.

A lot of people are now using smart phone technology to operate their security system. For those that do setting the away from home mode is super simple.

It is important that you learn everything there is to know about your security system and that you utilize it. You have paid good money for your protection so why not use it. It is also important to get every family member to use the system the way it is meant for as well.

Along with learning how to use the away from home mode, you should also learn and practice using the security system features for your at home security. It works a little differently but is designed to protect you, your family and your home while you are at home.

If you don’t as yet have a good quality alarm system in your home or business then be sure to talk to the experts at Pre-lock. They have the security solutions for every family and one that fits into every budget.

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