Recognizing a Potential Toronto Burglar

outside security protectionMost of us as Toronto residents and Toronto business owners as well are pretty clued into the signs that someone may be up to no good when it comes to the privacy of homes and businesses. We like to think that we would quickly recognize that we were being set up for an intruder’s entry. However, many break-in artists are quite good at what they do, and can fool many people. This is one of the main reason’s so many people are now turning to quality Toronto locksmiths that specialize in security services like Pre-lock.
Here are just a few tactics of how you could be hoodwinked by a thief.
1.    They will take on jobs where they can legally gain entry to your home for a valid reason. Perhaps as a delivery person of an item that you purchased. While most Companies stay on top of the credentials of their employee’s there is the odd crook that can get past the screening process. That doesn’t mean you should refrain from having anything delivered, but what it means is stay with the delivery people the entire time they are in your home and watch their actions carefully. The purpose of this type of venture by a would be thief is to quickly determine if there is anything of worth in the home that would outweigh the risks of his getting caught if he were to break in.
2.    If you have workers about doing some work for you, always make sure that any vulnerable areas that would make for easy break in are secure after they leave. Much as the same in tip #1, unscrupulous individuals will use a trip to the bathroom to unlatch the window so they can use it as a source of entry later that night.
3.    You know not to leave your newspapers laying about if you are away, but what about in the winter time when its been snowing. An unploughed driveway or a walkway that shows no signs of someone using it can be a big indicator that you are away for awhile. Make arrangements for snow removal as soon as it stops snowing.
4.    Always leave some type of light on during the night. It doesn’t have to be a big one, but something a little bigger than a nightlight as these are too common. Vary this as well. Some criminals will watch a house for several nights to determine the resident’s lifestyle and pattern at bedtime. If a different room appears to be lit up it can cast just enough doubt as to whether you are tucked in for the night or not, and make the would be thief unsettled.
Using quality Toronto security services like Pre-lock will help to enhance your home and business security.

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