Little But Important Security Quick Tips

Pre-lock home safety tipsThere is a lot to think about when securing your home against unwanted intruders and theft. Most people worry about personal safety first which brings to their minds home invasion, and the threat of fire or poisonous gas.  Then their second concern is theft and damage to their property.

Another concern is the expenditure that can come with trying to keep a family and home safe. Many people are under the misconception that they have to spend a ton of money to accomplish this. This is not the case as there are many small but important steps that can be taken to enhance the most basic security measures.

For home invasion protection:

Teaching everyone in the home not to just open the door when someone is there is a good beginning. There is always a false sense of security that when the home has lots of people in it that it is safe to open the door. Past news of home invasions has shown this to be a fallacy. Home invaders have a good idea of how many people are in the home and have put a plan together for this before entering.

Keep the doors locked at all times no matter how many people are present in the home.

Have a peep hole installed. It can be a very basic form such as the type that installed right in your door. Or you can go for a more sophisticated type such as the Pentax Intellicorder Peep hole camera.

Aggressive entry protection:

If you live in a secluded area where noise of a break in, in progress is not going to stimulate too much attention, then you want to ensure that your doors and windows are well protected from this type of entry.

Installing a simple and affordable security such as the door safe system makes kicking down a door a monumental task for those trying to break-in.

The dead bolt buddy adds additional door security along with the addition of a deadbolt.

For your windows adding quality window security glass film is a quick and easy security measure that once again makes it tough for breaking glass to gain entry. With proper security window locks installed you have just greatly enhanced your window security.

Now you have your doors and windows well guarded think about your safety alert systems for fire and noxious gas. Choosing from the many quality systems that available to you will give you the safety that you need here, provided you check them on a regular basis, install them in the right place and have a plan to follow should they become activated.

Speak to the security professionals here at Pre-lock for a lot of great affordable security measures that are small but powerful for the protection of your family and home.



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