Planning Your New Home Build with the Right Life Safety Alarms

fireWe have come a long way with the many suggestions that we have given you in regards to your security and your new Toronto home build. Let’s keep going now and swing the attention over to life safety alarms. Of course the big concern is protection from thieves and home invasions, but your personal safety is paramount and you need to ensure that you have top quality protection against potential peril dangers.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind in this safety category is the smoke detectors.  It has been determined that most fires break out at night, but can happen at any time night or day. You should have a smoke alarm installed on every level of your home. Smoke rises so you want your alarms to be installed on the ceilings, and keep them away from bathrooms, appliances, and don’t have them installed near your ceiling or window fans. All of these can interfere with the proper workings of your alarm. Make sure you have alarms installed near your sleeping area.

You should replace your batteries immediately when you hear the warning beep that they are getting low. Ideally changing them in the spring or fall will ensure that they are operating properly without having to wait for a warning sign that the batteries are wearing out.  Don’t forget that aside from changing the batteries your smoke alarms must be kept clean. Don’t allow them to become clogged with dust.

You will find that you are given options when it comes to choosing your smoke alarm. You may have the option of going with a hard wired alarm, or battery operated one, or a combo of both. Your best choice is going to be the type that will notify you that the alarm has been triggered even when you are not at home.

Heat Detectors:

In some cases a smoke detector is not enough and you may need to include heat detectors to beef up your security. If you are not sure if this is additional security that you may need, you can talk to the experts at Pre-lock about this and they will advise you.

Natural Gas:

If you are going to be using natural gas in any part of your home, then make sure you install a natural gas detector near this area. It is also recommended that you install an additional natural gas alarm on each and every floor of your residence if you are using natural gas.

Carbon Monoxide Detector:

While smoke is visible and creates the danger signals right away carbon monoxide doesn’t create any visible signs and has sometimes been called the silent killer. You definitely want to have these detectors installed in your home, and in fact it has now become the law in Ontario.

You need to do a full review of your home and discern what the potential life threatening dangers could be. Then you need to plan for the proper protective alerts. You need to make sure that you are buying quality life alert systems, no matter which ones you are buying. Also, they need to be installed properly. There is a right way and wrong way of doing this. These are potential life savers so why not rely on the expertise of the professionals at Pre-lock to help make your home safe and security.

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