Simple Tips for Being Fire Conscious

Home safety fire tipsIt is common to think more about potential fire hazards within our homes during the winter months in comparison to the warmer months. This is because we spend a lot more time indoors, yet fire can strike at any time. Being conscientious as to what can cause a fire helps us to remain more alert and perhaps take even greater security steps.

A lot of people don’t realize that a large number of fires begin right in the kitchen from cooking. We have become so used to our cooking appliances and equipment that we tend to take them for granted. We turn down the heat on the stove under something that is cooking thinking it is safe then walk away from it and leave it for awhile. What can happen is there is a fault in the equipment or the item is forgotten about on the stove and the end result is the start of a fire.

It is really important no matter what size your home is or what it’s size to have the proper fire safety equipment on hand. It begins with having a good fire alert unit installed that is quality made, and you maintain it through out the year by testing it on occasion, and changing the batteries as needed. In addition to this it is a good choice to keep at least one fire extinguisher on hand. These are great for handling a small fire before it gets out of hand, but not unless you also learn how to use it. A simple way of remembering the proper use of this potentially life saving item is to remember the word PASS. This means Pull the Pin…Aim the unit at the base of the fire..Squeeze the trigger…Sweep the steam coming out of the extinguisher along the base of the fire.

While we usually use our fireplaces during the winter months on occasion they are also used on a cool summer night. Remember to follow the same safety regulations that you always do. Making sure there is a screen or glass door in place to prevent sparks from escaping.

When you are firing up your barbecue for the first summer’s use do an inspection to make sure the hose and regulator are in good condition and there are no leaks in the equipment or tank.

Be cautious as to what you throw into the garbage during your spring cleaning venture. Items that are flammable should be disposed of according to their directions. Your neighborhood may have a drop off area for disposal of these types of items.

While many of these tips you may already be aware of this will help as a reminder to stay alert to them, and there may be a few new ones that you hadn’t thought of which now knowing about will help to scale up your fire safety.

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