Staying on Top of Retail Security

retail securityAny company that has a retail aspect expects to maximize profits as much as possible, as the purpose of any business is to make PROFITS. While simply getting the customers in your store is, of course, essential, ensuring that they do not make off with your products without paying is also essential, and can be extremely difficult.

Many smaller businesses simply do not have the assets needed to install the security systems that larger retail stores can afford, making them a frequent and easier target then the larger retail chains, which, theoretically at least, can more afford the losses. The point is, any losses due to shop lifting, robbery, etc, are exceedingly damaging to any retail store, and are to be avoided if at all possible.

The most obvious retail security tip that one can be given is as follows: make it difficult for any kind of retail theft to happen in the first place. Within this rather broad ideal there are some crucial things that can be done to affect this plan. For example, make sure that the employees know that they are crucial in this effort. There should be an employee greeting any customer that comes into the store, and if the retail store is large enough, have an employee greet customers as they come into their specific department.

This shows the possible thief that the employees are on the ball and paying attention to what is going on in their section. This isn’t always possible in larger retail stores, but should be striven for regardless as it also implies excellent service.

Going further in this vein, try to ensure that as many customers as possible receive personal service from an employee. This has the double effect of having the customers be monitored (without their knowledge, hopefully) as well as showing them that excellent customer service still exists and can be found at your retail outlet.

Customers that prefer to browse on their own should, of course, be allowed, but ask your employees to make frequent eye contact with them, and if they look confused or agitated, perhaps inquire again if they need help. Don’t harry the customer, but make sure he/she knows people are watching.

Another rather simplistic idea is to make occasional P.A. announcements that say something like “security to red area” even if you do not have security or a “red area”. It will hopefully make sure that anyone considering shoplifting or is currently attempting to will re-think their plan, as they don’t know if the announcement pertains to them. Also, make it clear that shoplifters will be persecuted to the full extent of the law. Again this may scare those who are considering engaging in theft.

As the owner of a retail store you should try to be on the sales floor as often as possible. Simply walking around, perhaps giving your employees your own tips or ask them if they have greeted this customer or that customer. This will hopefully insure that your employees are thinking about and are concerned about retail security. Make sure your employees have been trained to deal with shoplifters and suspicious individuals in the proper manner, and know not to leave vulnerable areas open to exploitation by clever shoplifters. Your concern can be seen as simply craving to offer the best customer service possible, and many will not realize your actual intentions.

Hopefully this tips will help make sure your retail store is not in danger of losing its profitability through something as unfortunate and downright preventable as losses due to shop lifting.  Be sure to contact the professionals at Pre-lock Security who are the experts at providing retail security at affordable prices.

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