The Right Door Security to Keep the Crooks Out

house door security¬†When you are planning and examining your door security you have to look at if from the inside as well as out. The most common focus is placed on the locks themselves. This of course is important and if you are going to cut costs then don’t do it in this area.

One of the most common methods a crook will try and use to gain entry to your home through your doors is simply by trying to slip the lock with a credit card. Good quality locks won’t allow this to happen, but you can beef up your security with a dead bolt lock.

One of the best deadbolt locking systems on the market is the Medeco Maxum residential deadbolt. With this locking system it gives you the extra security of knowing that there won’t be any unauthorized key duplication. This particular lock as a UL 437 listing. This means it gives extra security against crooks who try and pick locks, or use a drill to remove them.

Often people envision deadbolts as being something, big cumbersome and ugly. This is no longer the case and this Medeco is a fine example of just how aesthetically pleasing these locks can now be. Often just then name “Medeco” when seen on the locking system for the doors is enough of a deterrent for criminals who are intent on getting into your home.

The hinges is another small but simple door component that gets overlooked. Don’t just assume that your exterior doors have been installed properly. Doors that have been hinged from the outside make for an easy crook entry. All they have to do is lift the door off the hinges and they are in. If you are thinking that nobody would be brazen enough to do this then think again. Crooks have mastered their speed of entry and you would be amazed at just how fast they can get inside your home without anyone seeing them do this, even in a busy neighborhood.

If your doors have glass components to them either directly in the doors or in the side panels then they can be a potential threat. There are a few steps you can take to reduce this. You can have the glass replaced with shatter proof glass. Or you can have sensors placed on the glass.

Most people rely on their security system for the protection of their door entries. There are also many people that don’t have full security systems and it is all the more important that they pay close attention to their door security.

Put the same amount of security emphasis on all of your external doors. Don’t just rely on your garage doors to protect the door leading from the garage into the house.

Take a look around the outside of the entries as well. Make sure there is nothing there that is providing some type of cover for the crooks while they try and figure out how to enter your home via your doors.





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