Being Toronto Home Security Conscious for the March Break

March break securityWell, here we are down to one more mini holiday before the summer for the kids. March break is one of the favorite holidays for getting away from the cold for a few days. Airports are booming with passengers on their way to hot sunny climates. It is also a favorite time of year for break in artists. Before you leave the ice and snow behind at least for a few days there are a few Toronto home security tips that you can follow to make the house a little safer while away.

Of course one of the best measures is to get someone to physically check on your house once a day. Make sure to ask them to vary their times for doing this. Otherwise if they do it at the same time the pattern can easily be observed.

Don’t leave a recorded message on your phone that you will be away for a few days. You are just advertising the fact that your home is going to be unattended to. Often criminals will call a home number to see if anyone is in the residence.

Make sure your alarm system is operating properly and the back up battery is functional.

Let your alarm monitoring company know that you are going to be away, and make sure they have a contact number for someone that will be available to respond to their calls if necessary.

Put one person in charge of doing the last minute security home inspection before leaving. Otherwise each of you may think that the other person has done it.

Now for those of you that are not going to be leaving your home for any period of time during the March break chances are you will be participating in some day outings. You also need to be diligent about checking that all your security measures are in place for the home. Would be thieves that may be watching your home can easily tell if it looks like you are going to be away for a period of time during the day. The kids may have their backpacks and you may be carrying additional items that you will need throughout the day. You could make sure these are put in the vehicle the night before.

Finally when you reach your entertainment destination make sure that you put into practice all of the safety tips to prevent your vehicle from being broken into or stolen. Thieves know that during the March break that there are a lot of all day events taking place for the kids and they may target the parking lots of these places.

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