Toronto Locksmith Security Tips to Pass Onto Your Kids

home security for kidsWe all like to think that our kids are safe no matter where they are, but more so at home than anywhere else. We are constantly giving them instructions to follow to keep them safe and secure when they are out of the home environment. It is easy as adults to feel  so secure in our homes that we tend to forget that much of the security comes from the measures that we take to keep it that way. We tend to forget to pass along these same precautions to our young ones on a regular basis. As a Toronto Locksmith I can’t emphasize enough that it’s really important to keep a check sheet of all the important security aspects that you kids need to remember not just for today or tomorrow but to the point where their alertness for their security becomes an ingrained habit.

The most common rule we teach the kids is to lock the door and don’t open it for anyone, when they are alone. Depending on the age of your youngster you may want to instruct them not to open the door even when you are home unless you give them instructions to do so.

We do our best to make sure the kids are responsible with their house keys, so they don’t lose them. What you may also want to teach them is not to leave their key unattended when they are at outdoors playing. Some kids like to keep their keys in their gym bag which they then set down at the park. Also remind the kids periodically to always make sure they take the key out of the lock once they have used it to enter the home. It’s not uncommon for a parent to come home from work and find the key still in the door.

If your youngster knows that you are not going to be home, but arrives home to find the house unlocked then he should be instructed not to enter but go to a trusted neighbor and inform them about this. It could be you arrived home early and left the door unlocked for the youngster, but by not assuming this it teaches the youngster to be alert to unusual changes in their routine.

There is no point in teaching them to keep the door locked if they are going to open the windows wide open. Ideally you want to have the type of windows that can only be opened to a safe level that are burglar resistant.

When it comes to the phone it is better for your child to let the answering machine pick up calls that come in when you are not unless there is call display and they can see who is calling.

Try to set up a contact within close proximity that you trust who your child can call if they are nervous or afraid for any reason.

Teach your child to be alert to unusual activity within their neighborhood.

Make sure your youngster knows how to respond to your security system, and knows the evacuation routine if the safety alert alarms are activated.

Also advise the kids not to make it well known that they are normally alone at home after school.

We certainly don’t want to make our children constantly on edge, but at the same time we want them to know what security measures they have to take to enhance their own safety. As a Toronto locksmith and home security expert I would be pleased to discuss the safety features of your home with you. Give us a call here at Pre-Lock and let’s make sure your home is a safe haven.


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