Does Toronto Police Services Care About Your Alarm System?

Toronto PoliceNaturally if your Toronto home or business is being broken into you want the Toronto Police to respond immediately. They are more than willing to do this, however one of their frustrations which has been ongoing for many years is the number of false alarms that they have to respond to.

As citizens of this city we have a responsibility to be proactive in our safety and security. Most people realize this and will take every step necessary to ensure their families,homes and businesses are secure.

One of our obligations is to make sure that we are using quality security systems and products that are not going to trigger false alarms. When this happens we are thankful that the activated alarm wasn’t as a result of possible breakin but having the Police respond to this means they are being taken away from other important services.

As mentioned you can reduce the number of false alarms by ensuring you are purchasing quality security equipment. In addition to this you also want to make sure that you use the services of good security experts. Many people have central monitoring set up for their home and business alarms but these two must be top notch. Many of the quality central alarm monitoring companies have security guards that they will dispatch to an activated alarm to determine if there is the need to call the Police. In some cases this is a good thing whereas at other times it is not. These individuals are limited as to what action they can take when arriving on the scene and if there is an intruder they must call in the proper authorities.

Keeping your systems properly maintained will also help to cut down on the number of potential false alarms. Fortunately the technology for security systems has advanced drastically over the last several years and these false triggers have been significantly reduced by eliminating the faulty or sensitive components.

It got to the point where the Police services were responding to so many false alarms that they ended up having to put a price on this. This did help to reduce the number of responses that the Police had to attend to, and it is still in effect today.

One thing you don’t want to do is not make use of security systems just because you are concerned about false alarms. The wise move is to contact security professionals like those at Pre-lock that are going to offer you quality products and services that are going to meet your needs.


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