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travel safetyAs residents of Toronto most of us are pretty well on top of security measures for our home and business. We like to know that if we are going to travel, that these are well protected in our absence as well. It is also important to take into account the proper safety procedures to protect you and your family when away from home.

In many cases when traveling your choice of accommodation will likely be a Hotel or Motel. In the quality establishments there is normally good security in place for the guests. The level of protection is often dictated by the particular country or area that you are at.

You can put your own security measures in place to heighten your protection when staying away from home.

First, don’t just assume that if you are staying at an expensive hotel that you will not become the target of theft.

It is generally said that rooms on higher floors are safer from break-ins, but at the same time many people are concerned about the event of a fire and their mode of escape should this happen. For this reason they perform lower floor accommodations.

Thieves usually like to target rooms below the fifth floor because it allows for a quicker escape for them. They also like to hit on rooms that are close to fire escapes because it allows them to get away faster.

The other thing that you want to think about when it comes to choosing a hotel with good security is the doors themselves. They should be solid core or metal doors. You also want them to be self closing and self locking.

It is devastating enough to be the victim of a robbery when you are out of your room, but it is terrifying to be in your room and someone enters. For this reason ensure that there is a quality deadbolt installed on the inside of the door that you can put to use when occupying your room.

It is so common to just automatically open the door of your Hotel room, because it is assumed that it is a Hotel staff member. This is not a good habit to get into. Unless you specifically requested a service that would bring Hotel staff to your room don’t open the door, and make sure your children follow the same guidelines for answering the door as they do when at home.

Now that you have a few security travel tips to rely on, don’t forget that for your home and business security needs you can count on the experts at Pre-lock.


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