Using Security Cameras for Your Toronto Residence

Peep hole securityMany people are becoming more aware of their security needs and the stigma that was once attached to using security cameras as part of a home security program has passed. Also the perception that this type of protection was only something that the very wealthy would utilize is no longer a reality.

Security cameras have become most affordable and are also available in many different types, makes and models. A good example of this is the Pentax Intellicorder Peep Hole. Camera. It is not only a valuable resource for when you are at home and want to see who is at your door when you answer it, but also for knowing who was there when you were not at home.

To the average person coming to your door, this unique peep hole just looks like the many others. What they are not aware of is that although you may not be home, you are still able to see them via your computer. Added to this you can actually capture a recording of their presence which can be stored on a 1GB SD memory card. There is some criteria that the door must meet in order to be able to utilize this particular security resource. You can discuss this in detail with any of the Toronto security professionals at Pre-lock.

If you have had suspicions that someone has been attending your front door, or there has been an unwanted individual that has been warned not to come to your door, then here is all the proof you need.

What many people don’t realize is that many times thieves need to know for sure that there is nobody at home before they go about their nasty break in deeds. So they will blatantly come to your front door and ring your door bell. If you do answer they will simply ask for some fictitious name indicating they have come to the wrong home. If you don’t answer then this gives them some confidence that there is probably nobody home, and they may continue with their plans to gain entry. You however, have a picture of them and hopefully you have an additional security system in place that is going to thwart their break in. That doesn’t mean that they can’t be charged with an attempted break in if this is the case.

It is always a good idea to at least start building your Toronto home security with a basic alarm system. Then as time progresses you can enhance it with additional alert and security systems such as this peep hole. In no time at all you will soon discover that your home is fully protected and you are full of confidence that you and your family are protected when at home, and your assets are fully covered when you are away.

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