Advantages of Email Alerts for Home Security

Security email alertsA lot of us have come to rely on our email for many different purposes, but one benefit that could be enjoyed through this resource is enhanced home security.

Most of us take as many good steps as possible to ensure the safety of our families and homes. We have taken the measures of utilizing a good security system, and maybe even added additional security steps like beefing up the protection on our doors and windows.

For those that have incorporated an alarm system they soon learn to heavily rely on its benefits and features both when at home and away. A lot of individuals have added additional security by way of utilizing ULC monitoring services. This really boosts the confidence in knowing that someone else besides you is caring about your security. If an alarm is triggered the professionals at the monitoring station will follow up with the necessary action.

You may have arranged for your monitoring station to call you in the event that the alarm has been triggered. Chances are you have given them your cell phone number if applicable. How many times though is it necessary for you to turn off your phone during an average working day? Perhaps you turn it off during working hours, or at least during meetings. When doing so then you may be running the risk of not being able to be contacted by your monitoring company. Now Pre-lock security services offers a solution for this.

As long as you can access your email or have the right cellular communication device you can receive an email alert from the monitoring station. There s a small monthly fee for this but it is well worth it. You can be assured that you will receive the right information at the right time, and this serves as a wonderful way of staying on top of what is taking place with your security.

These email alerts that can be set up via Pre-Lock come with some additional benefits. You can have the service set up so you are alerted through your email that the kids have arrived home safely. No more having to worry about this when the kids forget to call and say I’m home!

It is often the additional small but very important security enhancements such as this email alert service that can really beef up your standard security protection.

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