Choosing the Right Access Control for your Business

Access controlNo matter what type of business you are in, chances are you need some form of access control as to who enters it. It may be the main entrance or you may need to control areas within the work environment.

Once you have your standard door security in place to keep out unwanted individuals like thieves then you also have to consider what kind of control methods are needed for those that do need to enter the premises.

Most often this type of control is need in various areas of the business. You may have high end merchandise or the need to protect sensitive materials. In these cases you don’t just want anyone entering these areas. With an access control system you can easily control who you want to give access to this area to, as well as monitor their coming and going.

The first thing you are going to want to determine when making your choice of this type of protective equipment is what security can it offer. What level of security you require will be determined by what is being protected. If you are in the jewelry business for example then your high end gems and stones may have a large monetary value to them and you want them highly protected. In this case you may want to have an access system that can include 24 hour monitoring, or a video surveillance system tied in with it.

Then again you may not need an access system for this type of need, but need something of convenience for the entering of numerous people. Apartment buildings are a good example that creates unique entrance needs. You only want the tenants and approved people entering the premises, so you want something that is going to withstand high volume traffic yet keep out those that don’t belong there.  You could opt for a card pass access system or a keypad unit along with many other choices and options.

If you are dealing with a location that caters to handicapped individuals you will also want to include easy convenient access like electronic push button door openers and closers perhaps.

If you find that you are in need of the right access control for your establishment then give the experts at Pre-lock a call. They can walk you through this process from start to finish and help you make the right choice of equipment as well as ensure it’s proper installation.

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