Choosing the Right Windows To Enhance Your Security

window security tipsWe put a lot of emphasis on the most vulnerable areas of your home when it comes to keeping your safe and secure. This of course includes the windows, and we have talked about several different security measures that you can take to make them safer. The style of the window can play an important role in this.

How your windows open is what you want to pay attention to.

Vertical opening windows:

These are very common and are well liked because they are easy to open with a simple slide. What you need to watch for here is the type of lock that is used for them, which is quite often the crescent lock. These can be opened from the outside by a patient burglar, who slips a knife between the sashes. With the right amount of force they can be popped off the wood that they are attached to. To increase the security of these types of windows, you can have the lock replaced.

Casement windows:

These open like a door as they are hinged on one side. A crank or lever attachment is the opening mechanism. Some of these come with key lock security, and when kept in good condition they provide good security measures.

Awning Windows:

This particular style of window may be hinged at the top or bottom. If they are comprised of a good quality lock then they provide adequate security measures.

Horizontal sliding windows:

They type many are used. To open they slide on a track much like the way a patio door does. The older ones can pose a security risk as they can easily be lifted out of their tracks. This has been corrected with the newer more technology built type that are on the market now.

Fixed windows:

These have no opening features so make it a little more difficult for the thief who would be forced to break the glass to gain entry.

These are your common types of windows, and knowing the security weaknesses that they may possess with help you to either choose those that have built in security features, or to add additional security measures to the windows.

We have talked about additional window security tips that you can take for your windows. If you feel that you don’t have the best protection in place for these items in your home, then talk to the experts at Pre-lock. They will be able to advise you as to what extra measures you can put in place to beef up your window security.

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