How the Weather Can Affect our Home Safety

weathereffectsonsecurityThe weather plays a big factor on how we go about our daily routine, and our lifestyle in general. It can go beyond that and affect our home safety as well. It is important to keep our safety factors in mind when we are allowing the weather to affect our activities.

When it is bitter cold outside we really prefer to stay indoors where it is cozy and warm. We go and jack the heat up a bit. Or if we have a fireplace then it is the perfect time to get it roaring. It is also the time to be extra cautious of the potential dangers of fire.

When it comes to the fireplaces do a safety check first before using it. When not in use we sometimes have a tendency to put other items close to it. Make sure this is not the case when you are ready to use yours. Routine maintenance and cleaning of your fireplace is another safety measure that you must take.

It is not usual when it gets a bit cool in the house to supplement with heaters. Many of them have temperature controls. Once they reach a certain temperature they cut off and we may forget that they are still in use and inadvertently set something on top of them which in turn creates a risk for fire once the heater comes on again.

Another way the weather affects our safety is with large accumulations of snow. We may decide that we will wait for a few days before shoveling, which can give the impression that nobody is home, and this can spur the interest of break in artists. Then if we do stay on top of snow shoveling it may be that we have banked it up where it is providing perfect cover for a burglar to go about breaking into the home with the snow bank acting as a shield.

Another possible mishap is the breaking of our water pipes when the temperatures become really cold and this is a common mishap for those who own a country home. There are safety alert devices that can be put in place to give a warning should this happen.

We often don’t realize how the weather can impact our safety in indirect ways. Of course there is the more obvious threats like going outdoors and slipping on ice. This is often a concern regarding the elderly that are still maintaining their homes. In this case allowing them to depend on a life alert system can be a real life saver.

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