Dealing with Theft in the Construction Industry

theft in construction industryEvery industry has its concerns regarding theft not only from external sources, but internally as well. At the end of the year when these costs are calculated it can be staggering. This is when many business owners realize that they have to take some positive steps to help reduce this unnecessary cost. Theft in the construction industry also exists, and it can be costly.

The problem in this industry can be two-fold.

A lot of small items can easily be lifted from the construction sites and it is most difficult to track these. They are many employees on site at any given time. It is not unusual when looking at an average work site in the construction industry to see a whole gambit of various sized tools laying about without anyone really being accountable for them.

In some cases construction employee’s are required to use their own equipment, but many different tools still have to be provided by the company itself. There are a few steps that management can take to help reduce internal theft.

Each tool and piece of equipment should be marked with a clear identifier. Not one that can be easily removed. Engraving many of the tools with some type of identification helps to clearly indicate which tools belong to the Company. If random inspections are done then it can help to keep track of these items much easier.

The actual setup of the worksite keeping security regarding theft in mind can go a long way in helping to reduce theft. One option is to set up a sign out section for all tools which then have to be signed back in at the end of each day. These tools and equipment should then be stored in a secure manner over night to avoid loss from external theft.

It is common practice for a construction site to set up a work perimeter that is then fenced in. Doing this properly so the fences are high enough and can be properly locked at night will help to discourage unwanted intruders.

Another option is to consult with the experts at Pre-lock. These are the professionals that specialize in all types of security measures. They can assist with recommendations for the construction industry to help reduce the loss from theft.

It may be suggested that security cameras be put in place so the construction site can be monitored 24/7. It can even be extended where the site is live monitored.

Although extra security measures do incur extra costs, these are most definitely offset with the reduction of loss from theft.

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