Preventing Package Thefts

being aware of package theftsIn just the past 10-15 years with the popularity of companies E-Bay and Amazon skyrocketing and the old standards like the Shopping Network and others still making waves the public is ordering items online more now than at any time in history.

Especially over the holidays season more people are simply choosing to do their shopping online and having the packages shipped to their homes via one of the big carriers like Fed-Ex and UPS among others.

While it is exceptionally convenient to do the purchasing this way the deliveries, unfortunately, do not always come when we are at home, and in order to prevent package theft we need to do some creative thinking to deter these types of crimes.

While some know of this first hand having had packages stolen from their premises, the vast majority of us would never even consider that this could happen but the truth is somewhat more deviant than we would like to believe.

While many package thefts are simple crimes of opportunity, meaning that someone passing by your house sees a package on the front step and decides that he or she will grab that package and take the chance it is something valuable or useful.

There are still others who are even more devious and they follow the courier trucks around and wait for packages to be dropped off on porches, front and back, and then strike before the homeowner returns home to retrieve the goods.

There are thankfully some ways to avoid this happening to you.

The first tip is to always try and ensure that any deliveries require a signature on arrival. That will cause the company delivering the package to have someone sign for the item before they are able to leave it and means that the package is never simply left unattended.

If you cannot do this then another way to avoid theft is to have your packages delivered to your place of business. This will again ensure that the packages are never left on your door step for an enterprising thief to find.

If you cannot do either of those then at the very least require that your packages have a shipping number that you are able to track from the point of shipping all the way to your front door so that you are aware of the time of delivery and can make sure that there will be someone there to retrieve the package if you cannot be there yourself.

No matter what you are buying, whether exceptionally valuable or not, you want to be sure that YOU get the item and not someone else and by choosing one of the methods above you will find that you can avoid the unpleasant experience of having a package stolen from you.

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