Do Toronto Businesses Still Get Robbed?

robbersOccasionally on the news we may hear about a business getting robbed but we most certainly do not hear about  all of them. This may lead us to think that this has now become a rare occurrence which it certainly is not. In fact, banks are still getting robbed even though they have very sophisticated security measures in place.

It is this sophisticated equipment that helps to reduce this type of crime and often helps in getting the robber even after he is gone. Along with this we are very fortunate to have a quality Police force to rely on.

A recent example is a bank hold up that took place a short time ago in the Toronto area. Thanks to fine police work the bandit was arrested.

When we hear about this type of crime it should make any business owner want to take a closer look at their security measures. In this example it shows that the crook was brazen enough to walk into a bank in broad daylight and rob it. This is a clear indicator that no business is above this possible threat.

The best protection is to have the right security measures in place to thwart this type of action.

For high risk businesses it is really important to have a panic button or hold up alarm installed. These are businesses that usually have high end inventory. Most often the employee’s have to access these, so the robber has to go about his work when the employee’s are there. What has become more common place however is the robberies of convenience stores and gas stations. These types of businesses will often post signage indicating that the employees don’t have access to the safe where the larger quantities of cash are kept. Unfortunately small time crooks will go about their nasty deeds even for a few dollars.

Every business should choose a reputable security company like Pre-lock to assist them with their security needs. Rather than second guessing as to whether the business premises are protected, let the experts decide this. These security experts can do a whole review of the business to see what the requirements are.

It may not be that your particular business requires a panic button, or police alarm but it does require some form of security protection. Rather than become a victim first then take the right security measures, remember prevention puts you way ahead.


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