When Should You Change the Locks on Your Doors?

Changing door locksKeeping up with the security for you home doesn’t just come down to having a good security system in place and then forgetting about it. You want to be constantly on top of your security measures and this includes the additional ones besides your security system. One of these additional steps is the locks on your doors. Don’t just assume that because they are in good shape and you have no problems with them that they are providing you with all the protection they are capable of.

Having a key to gain entry to your home is the simplest method a crook can have, and it happens more than you may think.

On the move:

When you are moving to a new location make sure you change the locks. Even if you are buying a new home don’t assume that because the locks are new that you are secure. Often during the course of the build several contractors have keys to the house. These don’t always get turned back into you, and you have no way of knowing how many copies have been made.

If you are moving into an apartment insist that the landlord change the locks. If they say this is your responsibility then that’s fine, but you will most likely have to provide the landlord with a key.

Changes in the family:

If you are going through a break up for example, once the details have been put in place then you may want to have the locks changed. Even if you have been in a relationship and have given the key to the other individual, once the relationship ends don’t just count on getting the key back. Go the extra step and have the locks changed. If you have been having someone stay with you, then again once they have left have the locks changed. It doesn’t mean that you don’t trust that individual but if they don’t give you back the key there are no guarantees that the key is not going to end up getting lost or stolen.

Lost or misplaced keys:

If you have lost or misplaced your keys then your best course of action is to have the locks replaced. There is no way of knowing where the keys may be or who might get access to them.

Worn out locks:

The technology for security is constantly growing. If you have locks on your doors that have been there for a long time, then chances are they are not all that burglar proof anymore. They are probably super easy for a crook to pick. While no lock is 100% burglar proof the new ones certainly present a challenge to the thief that is trying to get past them.

There are lots of additional steps that you can take to enhance the security for your doors. When it comes to changing the locks you may want to rely on a professional to do this for you. You can have the best locks in the world but if they are not installed properly then they are no value to you.

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