It Doesn’t Pay To Become Lazy About Your Security

security for the familyMost of us are pretty astute when it comes to our major security protection. It’s not hard though for one to let their guard down. If you live in a nice neighborhood where nothing bad ever seems to happen then it’s easy to become comfortable in regards to your security.

Common ways that people let their guard down with their security.

Not locking the door. Or at the very least not bothering to check that the windows are locked, and the security system is activated for the night. This is common place in quiet neighborhoods. Unfortunately, thieves are well aware of this and will take advantage of any opportunity they can get.

The other fallacy is that most people don’t believe that a crook will try to gain entry if there are people at home. All of the events that have taken place in the news in the last year or two substantiate how untrue this is.

Opening the door too easily. When a knock comes to the door especially during the daylight hours people will commonly open their door without checking. Even though they may have a security intercom system in place it gets ignored. In today’s age, this is not a wise thing to do. Home invasions do happen and many crooks have entered simply by knocking on the door then forcing their way once it’s opened. It doesn’t take long to do and they go unnoticed because it happens so quick.

Not keeping your security system up to date. Don’t think that just because you have a sticker in your window that you have security in place is the only deterrent that you need. Amazingly thieves have a way of discerning if a security system is up to date and in good working order.

Then there is senior’s security that we tend to take for granted. We assume because our elderly loved ones still are in their own home and self-sufficient that they are safe. Any emergency can happen at any time and they should have some form of an alert system they can rely on. Especially if they live alone.

Then how about when you take the batteries out of your smoke and fire alarms because they trigger too easily. The goal is that you are going to move them but you never seem to get around to it. So this life saver sits for weeks or months dormant because it simply does not have batteries. There is no turning back the clock and if a fire breaks out then you are putting yourself in a very precarious position.

You need to extend your security thinking to your vehicle as well. Leaving it unlocked even in your own driveway is a big mistake. It doesn’t matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, it’s not invulnerable to unscrupulous individuals.

It’s time to do a check on your security measures to make sure you have not become lazy in this regard. You may also want to give Pre-lock a call and ask them how you can beef up your security to keep your family and home safe.

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