Electric Strikes and the Security They Provide

security locks Electric strikes are a real bonus when it comes to security for businesses, and some types of residences like the lobby doors of condos and apartments. There are many different types on the market, but the owner of the building that is going to have one of these security systems installed truly wants to make sure it is one of quality.

Ideally you want to ensure you make your purchase of this particular door feature from a qualified Toronto locksmith who also specializes in security. If it is poorly installed or of inferior components then it will be more headaches than it is worth. Those who are permitted to gain entry through a door with this device installed want to be able to do so with no hassles.

The electric strike is designed so that it is used in place of a faceplate that is commonly used with a latchbar. The strike can be remotely controlled so it will open by pivoting out of the way when the door is technically locked. Once the powered control is deactivated the door will return to its locked position.

There are actually two modes that the electric strike can be configured for. It can be what is called fail safe. What this means is that it can be controlled to open if there is a loss of power. In another configuration it can automatically lock if there is a power failure.

Security is of the utmost importance for business entities and it has to be put into place properly right at the start which is the doors. If you have such a business that you need to control who is entering then you really do need to utilize the electric strike system.

Many different types of businesses have found these systems to be most valuable. High end jewelers find that they feel far more comfortable relying on this type of controlled entry system. Companies that have sensitive data in a restricted area will find this a most valuable resource. These are just a few of many examples of who can benefit from this type of security.

You will really want a professional to advise you as to the best type of electric strike to use for your particular needs. It will be dependent on the type of door jam that is present and what current locking system is now in place. You will need to decide which is more convenient for you as to the fail-secure or fail safe, and you may have the option of a buzzer attachment to let you know when the door has been activated.




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