How Far Should We Go With Minding Our Own Business?

Being security observantMost of us as individuals like to practice minding our own business. We don’t want to appear as nosy. Often when we see something out of the norm that involves other people, we tend to turn away out of embarrassment, or because we don’t want to become involved.

It is amazing at just how good we have become at forming tunnel vision as to what goes on about us. A good example of this is the recent excitement that occurred over a strange man-made tunnel that was accidentally found in a busy sector of our city. Now it is true that it was found in a wooded area near a school campus.

The tunnel was first reported as being very sophisticated and this caused some increasing concern. When you look at the news and what it shows of the construction it is easy to see why this was considered to be well made.

It took a fair amount of wood for its construction which is absolutely amazing that nobody was noticed carrying this amount of material into the area where the cave was being built. Did those responsible for the building go to great lengths to conceal this, or was it a matter of most of just minding our own business?

It turns out that the cave was just being built by two men who were keen on having a man cave and there were no sinister intentions.

It is a good lesson to be learned though that suspicious acts can take place right under our noses and yet go unnoticed. This is a lesson to take notice of that we need to be more vigilant on what is transpiring around us. This includes your neighborhood, when out in public, and in the work place.

Although being alert doesn’t mean that you should interfere with something out of the normal, it can allow you to take actions that could keep you safe.

We often get so caught up in our thoughts and daily life that we become oblivious to potential dangers around us.

Minding our own business can be viewed in another way when it is applied to minding our security needs. Checking to see that we have the right security equipment and protection in place for our home and family is a positive aspect of minding what is important to us.

Being alert does not mean being paranoid. It just means that maybe instead of being so intent on our texting as we walk about our streets or playing our MP4s that we should be watching what is ahead of us.

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