Are Guard Dogs Good Home & Business Security?

guard dogsEveryone gives consideration to different types of security. One common consideration is a guard dog. Then there are lots of people who have the good old fashioned dog as a family pet, who they consider as a guard dog. Assuming their canine friend would defend them in the case of need. In many cases this can be true regardless of whether their particular dog is considered to amongst the top 4 breeds considered to be the ultimate guard dogs.

A lot of us think that the German Sheppard is the number one choice for this duty, but there are actually many ahead of this breed when it comes to guarding and protection skills.

The top five are…

Bullmastiff:  Known for its brute strength which it will often use to ward off any endangerment. Yet is a great family dog.

Dobermin Pinscher; For large property owners this dog is a great choice because of its speed and agility. It is actually known as the 5th smartest dog in the world.

Rottweiler: Has gotten itself a bad name, but when it comes down to being a guard dog it is right up there with the best of them.

Komondor: Instinctively is a sheep herder, but has gained recognition for its protective abilities.

Puli: Remain alert and diligent and will bark at anything out of the unusual.

The great guard dog list does not stop at five, but this gives you some idea as to the traits that guard dogs will normally possess.

If you are wondering what is the smartest dog, then there will be differing opinions on this but in general the border collie usually takes the top, followed by the Poodle.

Now in respect to usually your family pet as a guard dog it must be remembered that in Toronto and Ontario there are specific rules concerning dogs. If your dog happens to bite someone then you as the owner can be held liable. Now if this were to take place during a home break in, no doubt the circumstances and outcome would be based on its merits.

Don’t assume to have dog protection that you have to have one of the top five breeds. Your little mixed breed mutt with the hefty bark can be just as intimidating behind closed doors that the crook as yet doesn’t know what he is up against.

If owning a dog is out of the question for you then you might want to consider adding Rex dog alarm to your roster of security measures.

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