What is a Good Security System Comprised of?

home securityFor many home owners when they think about the security system in their home their main thought is towards the keypad to run the system. This is what they are in control of so it is natural for their attention to be focused here. Most want keypad systems that are simple and easy to use. While this is important, it is also important to know really what the system is comprised of.

The keypad and control devices:

Usually these are placed near the main entrance of the home or business so they are easily accessed when coming and going. Some individuals prefer to have a keypad at every entrance, while others like to have one each room. Depending on the system they will come with different options and features.

Perimeter protection:

The system is going to be installed so it protects the perimeter of the house or business. This is called the first line of defense. They system will use sensors on components like the doors and windows to achieve the proper level of security.

The interior protection:

This is your next level of defense and will include the use of sensors that will most likely include glass break detectors.

Peril protection:

This the section of the security system that is going to provide warnings against fire, flood, smoke, and carbon monoxide.


Having a great security system in place is the best defense again home intrusion or peril, but if nobody is going to respond to a triggered alarm, then it is basically useless. Having a monitored system is usually not expensive, and provides a great deal of confidence in knowing that should the system be triggered it is not going to be ignored.

These are the basic components of what an actual security system is comprised of. There is a lot that can be added to it by way of options.

Plus, there are a lot of additional steps that you can take around your home to beef up your security, and enhance your protection. Simple steps like putting the security system stickers in the windows, can act as a deterrent. Keeping the landscape as such that it doesn’t provide good cover for a thief while he is trying to break in is another.

When an intruder attempts to break into your home the alarm is going to sound. Your monitoring station will contact you and if the need be, the proper authorities will be dispatched. Every area is different as to how long it takes the Police to respond.

The goal with your security is to make it as difficult as possible for the intruder to get into your home in the first place. If you have flimsy locks on your doors, or weak door casings it won’t take long. Some thieves have a pretty good idea of how long it might take responders, and they will bank on their skills of getting in and out of your home before authorities arrive. If they are having difficulty with the door, and the alarm is ringing, chances are they aren’t going to stick around.

What this means is that along with your quality security system, look for additional ways like updating your locks to enhance your overall security.

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