Does Your Growing Company Need an Access Control System?

business access securityQuite obviously, locking up your business at night is quite different from locking your home when you leave.

It is not so much that the business requires a higher level of security, people value their own possessions as much or more than a company values inventory, but rather that in a business as opposed to a home you potentially have many, more people with access to the venue.

Because of this increased level of traffic and people who may need to enter and leave when a key holder may not be present there are a variety of options that are a little more manageable for this type of situation.

Systems such as these are commonly referred to as Access Control Systems and they differ from a traditional lock by virtue of the fact that you can offer entry and exit to a wide variety of personnel without having to give each of them their own key.

There are a huge variety of different types of Access Control Systems available to just about every type of industry and level of staffing, from 10 employees or 110 or more in almost as many different configurations.

You can have a simple system with a keypad entry and a free exit that allows people to enter easily and leave with no restrictions or you can have a system that keeps track of exactly where in the plant an individual has been over the course of the day and of course there are Biometrics that are exceptionally advanced.

The primary consideration for any company thinking about adding an Access Control system to their business is to figure out exactly what your individual requirements are.

The number of employees you have and of course your security requirements are considerations along with a number of other factors that must be considered fully before making a final decision.

Many companies will hire an outside consultant to come in and help them find the appropriate system for their particular needs and help them navigate the many layers that need to be considered such as the locations of all exits and entrances, the size of your workforce and who enters at what time and where along with a myriad of other things that must be considered.

In addition to those physical considerations, you will need to decide on the type of system that you will want to use and under what conditions it will be utilized. Do you want it to record entry and exit for payroll purposes? Do vendors or clients get access or must they be buzzed in?

All of this must be considered and the options weighed out before you decide on the right system for your company’s particular needs.

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