Pre-Lock Talks About Electronic Dial Pad vs. Combination Safes

safe electronic keypadsIn today’s society we are all striving for better and more sophisticated technology to safely store our valuables whether at home or on the road.

While the locks we put on our doors and windows will deter most thieves, the cold hard facts are that the more advanced thieves can and do regularly gain access to the homes of people just like you despite best intentions and methods.

For this reason, many people choose to enhance their security by purchasing supplementary devices to protect their valuables such as a home or business safe.

Safes have been around as long as people have had valuables that they wanted to keep protected and the technology has advanced over time just as other technologies have.

One of the most common questions we get here at Pre-Lock Security Services is what type of safe is the best when it comes to ease of use and overall protection.

The answer to that question is really about the entry and locking method as most safes are built to the same exacting requirements and offer the same basic level of protection. Of course there are some models that are better than others and we can easily help you decide on one that will work for whatever you may encounter no matter if it is to be used for home security or for your business.

The bigger question is what type of lock to employ. An electronic dial pad version that requires you to type in a sequence of numbers to gain entry or a combination lock that spins and requires a the opener to follow a preset  “combination” of numbers and spins.

The obvious advantage of the keypad version is the simplicity of use. You simply “key in” your number combination and the safe opens. You can easily change the numbers if they are ever compromised. In reality you probably should change the numbers at certain intervals so that the keypad does not become worn on the numbers that are used as this could give a smart thief an advantage on what numbers make up the code.

The electronic dial pad version also has some other important features such as the lock out mode which will happen if the code is tried unsuccessfully a number of times in a row preventing anyone from simply trying to input random numbers successively until they gain entry.

The fact that you can easily change the code whenever you like is another great feature of the key pad type lock for a safe.

Now, what about combination type locks?

They have been around for over 150 years and still sell today so they must have some attributes that people like!

The fact that with proper care they can and do last for many decades in some instances and you never have to worry about wear like you do on the key pad version.

The fact that the technology is a little bit older also means that you will get one for less money that a similar safe with an electronic keypad.

The downsides are that if you forget the combo you will need to contact a locksmith to get the number changed. They also require a little more time and dexterity to successfully gain entry.

These represent just a few of the challenges and benefits of keypad versus combination safe locks.

If you have any other question in regards to safes or any other security systems feel free to contact us here at Pre-Lock and our friendly and knowledgeable staff assist you in any way we can!

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