Having Line Back Up as Added Security

extra backup line security measuresIt really is a wonderful feeling knowing that you have the very best security system in place and you have an aura of protection around you. This is great provided the power source for your system isn’t interrupted. Okay there is such as thing as battery backup but not all systems have this, and more often than not the security program owner forgets to check the batteries on a regular basis. Besides your battery system is great for power loss but its the cutting of your phone lines that we are concerned about here.

Any experienced and smart thief (if there is such a thing) is going to think about cutting your phone lines. This is just an extra precaution on his part hoping that its going to put an end to your security alert system.

Here at Pre-Lock we strongly advise having commercial line cut protection even for our monitored customers. Unless we receive the intrusion signal before the line is cut we have no way of receiving the alert.

Now so far we may have triggered your interest in this additional security but you are thinking its going to be nothing but a hassle and another big expense to have this installed. Having line back up security installed is affordable and an easy task for our experts here at Pre-lock. If you don’t happen to be a customer of ours as yet, don’t worry we will gladly add this extra security to your existing security system.

It is not just line cutting by potential thieves that can be the problem either. It could be as a result of line problem which we are all well aware of can happen quite often. Probably you have experienced this on occasion and didn’t even realize that the monitoring segment of your security program was being jeopardized. Here you thought that even without a phone at least your home or business was safe and secure. It may be in other areas but you still lost some of your potential protection.

One nice feature about dealing with a reputable Toronto locksmith company is that they will update you as to where your security system may be vulnerable. You can never have enough security in place when it comes to the protection of your business.



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Paul Seidman is a Toronto security expert providing security services since 1978. Trained as locksmith & alarm security professional Seidman understands how to keep you safe and sound.
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