Making the Right Choice in Security Lighting for Your Toronto Business

security lightsA lot of time business owners focus so intently on the major components of their business security they forget about the small additional but very important items like security lighting.

It used to be that the motion detection lights where a much sought after item. When they first came onto the market it was a “must have” for both home and business. With their limited technology they got to be a most frustrating resource. They would be triggered by the least movement that even a slight breeze could trigger them. This wasn’t such a big issue for business owners because they were not usually on the business premises during the night hours but it was a big hassle for home owners.

With the new modern technology the exterior motion detector security lighting has come a long way, but it really has its disadvantages to the business owner. Unless you happen to be at the premises when the lights are activated what use are they too you. Although an exception to this is if you are using exterior cctv cameras. Then they provide a well lit area for the cameras to catch potential intruders on tape perhaps.

In some cases the exterior motion sensor lights can be used as a deterrent for your business. When a potential intruder is approaching your business with bad intent all of the sudden the presence of a bright light in what was just a dark area can be a little nerve wracking for them and they may back off.

A good lighting protection is to make sure that there is good lighting within the interior of your business premises. A good street view of what is happening within your location provided by the lighting can make it difficult for the would be thief. The problem is more often than not at the day’s end you or your staff forget to set the night lighting. That would no longer be a problem if you were to have a Honeywell Light Timer installed.

One argument that is often presented about the validity of internal lighting for business is that the intruder can simply turn the lights off and go about their unscrupulous deeds. What has to be remembered here is that lights suddenly turned off that have a history of always being on during the night hours is definitely going to draw the attention of those that frequent this area. Even the local police that do nightly rounds become used to these lights and when they are not present they could draw their attention to investigate further.


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