Holiday Home Security Tips

holiday thievesChristmas is a wonderful festive season and it is filled with goodwill and cheer. Well, it is supposed to be but there are always a few individuals who see it as a prime time to commit their burglaries and break ins. There are extra precautions that you can take to thwart some of these nasty acts by being alert and enhancing your home security.

Most thieves are good at what they do and depend on speed for their success at taking what doesn’t belong to them. Having your Christmas tree in the front window really does add to the home Christmas decor, but it can also leave you vulnerable for a smash and grab event if you have all the Christmas presents stacked under the tree. If you have good security on your window then this isn’t going to be as big of a problem. One of the best forms of protection is security film.

It is a busy time for most people and it seems like there are always family members coming and going. You may have a tendency to hide a key outside for visitors who may be arriving and nobody will be there to greet them. Often burglars study the activities of a neighborhood before choosing their target. They could easily see you hide the key. Then too they are aware that this is something that many people do around this time of year so they will hunt for the hidden key in the most likely spots. This may be in the mailbox, on a ledge, or under a flower pot or welcome mat. Leave the key with a neighbor and advise your guests of this.

It may be that you will be going away for a few days. Many people open their gifts the day before Christmas because they will be leaving the home on Christmas Eve. Crooks like to target homes just like this. Make sure that all your security systems are in prime condition and are set before you leave. Leave a light on and don’t put out your boxes from your gifts.

Let a neighbor know that you will be aware and surely they will be alert as to any activity around your home.

It really is the little things that become so important during the festive season when it comes to beefing up your security measures. Don’t let your guard down after Christmas either, as the unscrupulous individuals know that there are lot of good new items in most homes that they would love to get their hands on.


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