More Security Gift Ideas for Toronto Shoppers

more security giftsRecently we gave the suggestion of a great Christmas gift from our selection of security products. We have some more suggestions that may help you, especially if you have run out of ideas for some of the people on your Christmas list.

Any of the personal safety alarms make an ideal gift. As a family gift the life safety alarms such as the smoke detectors, heat detectors or the gas detectors are the type of gifts that keep on giving with their potentially life saving qualities.

For those on your list that suffer from illness or are elderly then a perfect choice gift is the medic alert alarms like the Life Sentry. Hopefully the recipient of this gift will never have reason to use this but if they do it can be a life saver. Just having this type of resource to rely on very often brings a great deal of comfort to both the gift giver and the recipient.

Perhaps you have some new homeowners on your list that you need to buy for. Or newlyweds who are just starting out. There are many security gifts that you can choose from that would be most welcome. If they are renting or have bought an older home then you may want to consider some of the more modern door locking systems. A good example is the Medeco dead bolts. Or it you would like something that is fancy yet provides a good security foundation then consider some of the Architectural products for locking systems like the Baldwin hardware. These really do make doors look impressive and make a wonderful and unique gift.

Then if you are looking for some fun gifts but still loaded with security features take a look at Rex the dog bark alarm. This electronic pet is the ideal protector. Or the Fake TV is another super security item. It can be programmed to come on so it simulates the Television being on and makes “would be” burglars think someone is in the home.

These are just a few of the many fantastic security products that would make ideal Christmas gifts. Why not include a trip to the Pre-lock showroom when you are planning your next shopping event. This way you will get to see for yourself just what is available to you for gift giving. Plus you will get to meet some of the Pre-lock experts who make your safety their business.

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