Home Halloween Security Tips for Toronto Kids

Toronto Home Halloween Security Safety TipsWe all know as parents that Halloween is an exciting event for the little ones, but it is also a celebration that brings us extra concern as parents. We worry about the safety of the kids as they dash about collecting their goodies. We also need to be aware that it is also a prime time for some break in artists to put their skills to work. It is worth giving some extra thought to the security for both the kids and our homes here in Toronto.

Quite often an older child will stay home to shell out the candies while Mom & Dad take the younger ones out around the neighborhood. As an extra security precaution the child staying at home should create the illusion of other people being in the home. Just calling out “I’ll get it” when the door bell rings may help. Having the TV on and extra lights on throughout the home may be beneficial as well. If possible have another teen keep them company during this time will be an added bonus.

Be sure to add these few tips to your regular cautionary Halloween routine and it should help to make this exciting night with your kids all the more enjoyable.

It has become the habit of some individuals that don’t feel that they want to participate in this particular event to remain in their homes but turn off all the lights. This can create the false illusion to the thief that the home is empty. If you are going to be doing this then you may want to have your security features in your home set according to their in dwelling security instructions.

It is really easy to get caught up in the excitement, and with so many people out and about with costumes on its easy to just assume that even the adults that are dressed like this are just fun loving parents. There is still a need for caution here. If you observe an older individual who appears to be wearing a costume but is not accompanied with younger children then there be some need for concern. This individual may be scouting out the neighborhood for empty homes.

While nobody wants to be so cautious or uptight about their security to the point where it is spoiling their fun, it is important not to let your guard down. Criminals take advantage of events such as these so you have to keep yourself aware.

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