Home Security for Those with Alzheimer’s

It is commonly accepted that most seniors need to have some extra home security protection in place. There are additional hazards that they face. Some of the older adults are more trusting when it comes to answering the door. Or, they tend not to keep their doors locked because they feel safe in their environment. Then there is personal safety concerns from accidents and mishaps that have to be considered.

There are some seniors that suffer with medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s that really need to have extra home security protection in place. Depending on what stage the individual is at with their Alzheimer’s this will dictate the increased security that is needed. If they are still functioning on their own then they will need constant reminders concerning their safety measures.

Some of the steps you can take are making sure that they are able to access all of their emergency numbers. This should include family and friends that can respond immediately. Leaving these contact numbers clearly posted near the phone will help.

Another thing you can do is leave a key with a trusted neighbor. This way if any emergency responder or contact person needs to gain entry they can do so.

Ideally having a medic alert that the individual can use in the case of an emergency is often something they can remember to use in case of need.

As this disease progresses it usually means that someone has to be there to take care of the individual. This is a difficult time for family members in having to choose someone they can trust. It is similar to choosing a babysitter and the concerns are many. Webcams can be used to help monitor the care they are giving.

With todays modern technology and being able to use smart phone security it allows even greater monitoring and protection to be put in place for the person suffering with this debilitating disease.

There are many other safety measures that can be taken around the home to protect the individual. Ideally, the first and best step to take is to talk to the professionals at Pre-Lock to get their advice about your particular security circumstance. These are professionals that can do a quick analysis and suggest additional security measures that may be of great assistance to you.

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