Can Dummy Security Products Enhance Your System?


There are no shortage of products on the market today designed to fool would be thieves and criminals into fully believing that your home is protected by a security device when in fact it may not be.

There are tons of fake cameras on the market that you simply set up to make it look like you have a camera protecting your home when in fact it is a fugazi or a fake. The appeal of these items is that they are considerably cheaper than the real thing.

There are also signs that you can purchase that tell people you have a top of the line security system in place when you may well have nothing there at all.

All of these are designed to make a criminal think twice before attempting a break in at your home or business.

The flaw is that many intelligent criminals ALSO know of these half measures and have ways of being able to tell that you are in fact unprotected and this may well be the impetus that they need to target your house rather than the neighbors.

One way to effectively utilize these products is to use them to enhance your system rather than replace it.

Here is what we mean. Say you have a new security system put in to protect your home and family but can only afford to put cameras at select locations that do not cover the entire house. You CAN put in fake cameras at other strategic locations in order to minimize the areas that have no camera at all essentially making the criminal think that there are more working cameras then there really are.

You are still fully protected by the working alarm system and the working cameras but have an added layer of psychological protection as well.

Many department stores and business use this subterfuge, in order to make people think they are under more surveillance than the store can really provide but it still acts as deterrence to many who would otherwise take the chance and try something shifty.

There is simply no substitution for a well-made and monitored security system for protecting your home and family or your business. But by adding some subterfuge if you are on a strict budget, you can add another layer that may serve you well in the long run.

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