How Safe Are Your Doors?

How Safe Are Your Doors?

door lockingIt is interesting to take a look around our homes and identify all of the items that make us feel safe on our own territory. At the same time though how many of these so called protective items such as our doors and windows and alerts are giving us a false sense of security? A prime example is the exterior doors of our homes.

We look at these items and for the most part we all try to make sure that they are sturdy,well built and have good locks installed. To determine this we use our visual observations. What many of us don’t realize is that that there are 3 specific areas of a door that are considered vulnerable. These are the door jamb itself as well as the hinges, and yes, the lock.

Most of us as soon as we turn on the locks of our doors we feel safe and secure, whether its when we are in the home or its going to be vacant for a period of time. So now knowing the three areas of weaknesses how much protection does your door really offer?

The good news is that beefing up the security performance of your doors is not all that expensive and if you really want to be sure that its done right it means having the proper quality door security products installed. You can arrange for this through the Toronto locksmiths here at Pre-lock.

Depending on your particular situation is what determines what is the best security products. For example, if your home is in a secluded area it may mean that a potential thief would not hesitate to try and kick the door in. This unscrupulous individual would not be concerned about the noise of such an action drawing attention. Weak door jams will make this an easy task for him. For those living in a more populated area crooks have devised several different ways of gaining entry. They may pose as repairmen working on your door as they remove the door from its hinges. Or learning how to pick a lock for unlawful entry is not above them either.

Forced entry is something that doesn’t take long if the door is not secure and it is not a circumstance that any homeowner should consider as something that couldn’t happen to them. While there are many door security products to choose from, a good example is the nightlock door reinforcement. This is something that you may want to discuss with the Toronto security experts with here at Pre-lock. Just give us a call at 416-773-5625   and let us discuss your security needs with you.


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