Summer Safety Security Tips for Toronto Residents

Summer Safety Security Tips for Toronto Residents

summer security for toronto residentsWhile most homes are empty during the day in the summer time we tend to leave our homes a lot more at other times as well. Everyone wants to be outdoors enjoying the great weather. Break in artists also enjoy this time of year because it provides more opportunity for them to target additional homes and areas that are not as easily accessible during the colder months. No matter where you live or what area, it is important to apply some summer safety security tips.

The kids are out of school and many are home alone during the day while the parents are at work. They most likely are in and out of the house enjoying various activities. For example, for those that have a pool in their backyard you can bet this is where the kids are going to spend some quality time. Now is the time to remind them to keep the front of the home secure by keeping the doors and windows locked. Even when the entire family is home and enjoying the backyard living environment this same security measure should be implemented. Crooks have no problem entering the front door while the family is in the backyard enjoying a barbecue.

Be extra diligent when leaving the home to double check that all of the windows have been secured. Many people love to keep their windows open during the hot weather, and its easy to leave the home forgetting that some of the windows are still open. This is an invitation for thieves.

It may be the time for a much needed vacation, and even if it’s just for a few days it’s still important to put some summer safety security measures in place. If it’s a weekend that you are going away, and you have a paper delivered during this time, ask a neighbor to pick it up for you. A newspaper left laying on the front door step for a day or two is a great indicator that nobody is there. Keep your lights on a timer so they come on at dusk. Another really nifty security device to take advantage of is the fake TV. Advise a neighbor that you are going to be away. If you have a security system in place make sure your monitoring company has a up to date list for contacts in case the alarm is triggered.

Be discreet about telling people if you are going to be away on a family vacation for a period of time. You never know when an unscrupulous individual may be listening and use this as an opportunity to target your home for theft.

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