How to Reduce Those False Alarms

Quality Toronto LocksmithsOne of the reasons so many people stay away from alarm systems is because they are worried about false triggering. In the past vehicle alert systems were notorious for this, and another problem was with motion sensors. Now with the modern technology and investing in quality security equipment most of these issues have been corrected.

A big concern is when this happens in the business setting, which can be a more frequent mishap. When this happens there is the risk of those in the neighborhood ignoring the sound of the alarm because it goes off too frequently for no cause. Then there is the potential cost that can occur because first responders need to attend for no need.

There are few common causes for false alarms. One of the critical ones is purchasing inferior or incompatible security systems. Another on is employees who have not been trained properly in the opening and closing of the business. Or not taking the time to do it properly. On occassion with some sensitive equipment even a storm can trigger a false alarm.

Aside from buying good security equipment and using a top quality security service like Pre-lock you can take some other steps to reduce the number of false alarms you may be experiencing.

First have all your security equipment checked to make sure it is in proper working order and that the components are cleaned properly. This could be one of the culprits for the false alarms.

Make sure that as part of your employee training program that the proper handling of the security system is included. You should have designated individuals for opening and closing your business. They must be trained properly, be trustworthy and kept up to date whenever you are making changes to the security system. This includes when you are changing passwords, which should be done periodically. It surely should be done if you have employees leaving the company that were privy to the passwords.

While motion detectors and sensors are not as sensitive as they used to be, make sure you don’t have hanging objects near them. It has been noted in the past that when businesses hang things from the ceiling that move, they can sometimes trigger the system.

Make sure that all the entrances and exits including the windows are locked properly before setting the alarm. This is something that can be easily overlooked.

If you have taken all of these steps and are still having issues with false alarm triggering then contact the experts at Pre-lock so they can help you determine the causes, and help find you the right solutions for your business security.

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