Keeping Up With the 2015 Security Trends

home security trendsIt used to be that most people wanted to keep their security measures as inconspicuous as possible. They didn’t want to give the impression that they were paranoid or overly nervous or un-trusting. A lot of this has changed now. Instead of it looking like security protection, people are viewing it more as home automation.

Cameras are in:

Nobody wanted to have cameras about their property that could be seen in the past. Now it is becoming common place. This is a move that not too many criminals are crazy about. For them the 2015 security trends is biting into their unscrupulous business of ripping people off.

The thing is though, if you are going to rely on security cameras, then make sure they are capable of doing the job they are supposed to do. Unfortunately there are a lot of equipment knock-offs when it comes to security equipment. If you are just installing these on your home, because your neighbor has them, then that’s fine, basically they are for looks only. Their true value comes in the added protection they can afford you.

Smart Phone Savvy:

This really does fit in with home automation and may be viewed as a novelty, or convenience. This it is but it certainly is not a novelty, especially if you are away from home or not. Look at the two main factors of how your smart phone can be beneficial to you. Yes, it is a real convenience to be able to change the setting of your thermostat. It is much more security savvy when you can look and see who is at your front door even if you are not there. Or to know that the kids got home safely.

Layered security:

More people are looking at building up security features in layers or blocks. This means starting from the perimeter of your property right through to the inside. If your first layer of defense against warding off intruders doesn’t work, then they are soon to meet their next challenge. One think crooks don’t have is patience. They want to get into your home as quickly as possible. The more hurdles you put in their way the more frustrated they become. It is just as easy for them to move on down the street to a neighbor’s house who perhaps is not as security conscious as you.

To keep in mind that although there are 2015 security trends these have to be taken seriously and implemented properly. Your best way of doing this is by relying on professionals in the security business like Pre-lock. They know what your security requirements are, and they aren’t about to sell or recommend a fad.

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