Monitoring Your Pet’s Safety When You’re Not There

petsMost people that have pets are concerned about their health and safety 24/7. At the same time they are often forced to leave them alone during the day when they go to work. Now there are many devices on the market that make it really easy to check in on them no matter where you are. This is all do to home automation.

Quite often when the kids get home from school one of their chores is to let the dog out. If you have a fenced in backyard and the kids forget about them its not that big of an issue. Unless the weather is nasty. If you don’t have a fenced in area then chances are your canine friend could stray. There are devices that you can purchase now that your dog or cat even, can wear where you can set perimeters of where the animal can go. If they go outside of this area the device will send you an alert. Then you can get on the phone to the kids and tell them to go and retrieve the family pooch.

Keeping the home atmosphere comfortable for your animals is another important factor. You can easily monitor this now and even control the temperature or turn on the A/C or a fan through home automation.

You can even have the option of letting someone into your home at a specified time to care for your animal. You can control the locking and unlocking of your door through home automation. You no longer have to worry about giving somebody a key to your home, then forgetting that you did so. This is a real convenience, and a good security control.

We have talked a lot about motion sensors, and these can even be taken a step further beyond security. There are devices available now that you can put on your furniture to help deter your animals from getting up on it. If they attempt this the sensor will give off a sound that your pet doesn’t like.

Hopefully you have a good security system in place that protects your entire home. The primary reason many people have these installed is to keep intruders out. They serve other purposes like alerting you for fire, smoke and even floods. While there are stand alone devices that do this, having them hooked into your security system is added protection.

This is also valuable for the protection of your pet. If you are away from home your security system can alert you when some is wrong, and allows you to respond quickly to get home to protect your animals. Or at least let the emergency responders know that there are pets on the premises. It is also good to have a sticker on your doors and windows indicating this as well. You can also advise your monitoring company that there are pets on the premises.

Our pets are a very important part of our family, and our security measures that includes them brings great relief to many pet owners.

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