Medical Alert Devices Not Just for Toronto Seniors

medical alert systemsWhen we think about medical alert devices we normally consider this as being of benefit to the elderly. When you consider however that there are many other circumstances that can occur where a medical alert device would provide great comfort it is well worth checking out a superior system like LifeSentry medical alarms.

For individuals who have handicaps that could lead them to a life threatening situation this type of medical device provides them great comfort and perhaps helps them to build their self confidence. Knowing that with a push of a button they can alert someone immediately to their medical need means that they are not so nervous about trying new things, or venturing out a bit more than what they may have done in the past. With some medic alert units the user is very restricted on the range that they must remain in for the unit to work. With the LifeSentry there is a several hundred feet range that allows the user more freedom.

Personal emergency response systems (PERS) like LifeSentry are applicable for anyone that has a medical condition that could trigger the need for help right away. There are many young people who suffer from a variety of heart conditions that could put them into an emergency situation. There are all age groups that suffer from potentially life threatening allergies. These are all potential medical circumstances that demand the need for a quick response.

The LifeSentry system comes with a two way communication pendant that allows the wearer to speak to an attendant as well as hear instructions. Wearers who are in a medical emergency take comfort in knowing that someone is listening and going to send them the help they need.

Often when an individual is generally not feeling well that suffers from a potentially serious health condition they are still reluctant to have emergency responders dispatched to attend to them. The wearer of this unit has the option of having a family member or friend or neighbor contacted for them on their behalf.

Another great feature of the LifeSentry system is the flexibility of where to wear the pendant. If an individual doesn’t feel like wearing it around their neck, it can be carried on the belt clip, pocket, or can even be attached to the arm of a wheelchair if necessary. It is also water resistant so it can be taken right into the shower. All of this flexibility adds to the security for the user.

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