Being Security Safe In Your Toronto Condo

security for condosEveryone has their own choice of living accommodation. Some enjoy living in houses while others choose apartments and condos. No matter what the choice the priority is knowing that you are safe in your environment. Being security safe in your Toronto condo is just as important as living in any of the other choices of residences that we have.

In some condos there is in house security which adds a greater sense of comfort. There may be a concierge at the front entrance, or beefed up security measures to gain entry. While this is good security it still may not be good enough. While other residents are responsible for their guests there is still a possibility that a “would be” thief can gain entry to the building this way. Or someone could be having something delivered from an individual who also has other intentions once they have gained entry to the building.

When this type of security is already in place condo owners tend to get a little lax about providing security for their own specific unit. In fact, some don’t even bother to lock their doors, which can be a big mistake.

Attention should be paid to the locks of the unit. Reading the condo rules will indicate whether owners are allowed to change their locks to one of their choice. In most cases this is allowed, and in some cases it means only providing a key to maintenance in case they need to gain entry for an emergency.

One area that creates a false sense of security is units that are on the higher levels that have balconies. Owners of these units feel because they are dwelling in a high rise that there are no worries of thieves gaining entry through the balcony doors. This is not the case and some thieves specialize in this type of entrance because they are an easy target based on the way that many people think.

In addition to security to prevent unwanted entry it is also a good idea to have a quality safe in the home. If you make it difficult for a thief to first gain entry, then if they are successful at this and then discover that there is nothing about of value for them to steal because its all tucked away in a thief, then you have come out the winner and not them. If enough people were to put good security measures in place such as this then this a good chance there would be a lot less thieves going into making stealing their profession.


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Paul Seidman is a Toronto security expert providing security services since 1978. Trained as locksmith & alarm security professional Seidman understands how to keep you safe and sound.
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