Are Monitored Alarm Systems Superior?

security monitoringWith technology today that includes monitored alarm systems becoming ever more advanced as each day passes we are constantly inundated with newer and more advanced gadgets for everything from our automobiles to the connected washing machine to the fridge that does an inventory count as you consume products to yes, the security systems we use to protect our homes, personal belongings and the people we love.

The advancements in home security over the past few years has expanded to include a multitude of different devices that allow you to remotely allow access to your home when you are not there, to tracking which person in the family entered and when to the ability to fully monitor the comings and goings of people on your property. This includes advancements in monitored alarm systems.

All of these gadgets and apps, and some are actually pretty handy and make sense from a security standpoint, are simply designed to make us feel a stronger sense of security overall and to make life easier than it has been in the past.

While the convenience these things have brought us may be useful the overall majority of them do not leave you or your stuff much safer overall.

The biggest issue with a lot of these devices and apps is the fact that while YOU may get notification of someone entering your property immediately as it happens the people who need to made aware, namely Law Enforcement Personnel, are not….until you call them and tell them yourself!

Unless you subscribe to a Monitored Alarm Program through a reputable alarm and security company you are essentially on your own when it comes to a response when one of the apps or notification devices you have installed on your premise is triggered.

Not only does it take additional time to get in contact with the proper authorities you also then need to convince them that the alarm is genuine and that a response is warranted.

This can cost you much needed and exceptionally valuable time.

Most professional criminals know and understand fully that they only have a certain amount of time to complete the heinous act that they are perpetrating and govern themselves accordingly in most cases.

The delay that “self-monitored” alarm systems create can mean the difference between having the person apprehended at the scene and them getting away with your treasured personal items.

This certainly does not suggest that every time a professionally monitored alarm goes off the person is apprehended at the scene of the crime, that would be less than factual BUT, and it is a big but, the extra time that you get and the fact that law enforcement will respond immediately in most cases means that the odds are much more in your favour of either the Police catching the perp or that the person is scared away. This is especially true if the alarm has two way voice capabilities so that the monitoring center can actually inform the bad guy that the police are enroute.

In most cases this will cause the perp to make a hasty exit from the property and hopefully result in less things being taken overall.

Come into Pre-Lock Security Services today and we will happily answer any questions you may have with regard to any security issue you may face!

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