Making Sure Your Smart Security Devices are Protected!

devices for securityIn recent years technology has leap frogged into the mainstream when it comes to security and convenience in our homes.

We now have locks and security systems that can wholly be accessed through mobile devices or from a computer at work giving us the ability to let people into our most secure areas by remote control from outside the home with a mere touch of a button.

We also enjoy the fruits of that technology in terms of convenience inside the home with the bulk of our appliances and control systems such as thermostats and furnaces and A/C units being wirelessly controlled from just about anywhere we have access to wireless internet services.

While these advancements have certainly made life easier from a convenience stand point they have also given rise to a whole new area of security concerns.

Any technology can be compromised. It really is as simple as that. We certainly witnessed this south of the border in the recent elections where certain “bad actors” as they have been collective called easily gained access to the Democratic National Committee’s private e-mail database and subsequently revealed information that may have had a direct impact on the course of the elections.

We highlight this event to show you just how easy it can be for a determined and educated person to gain entry into the personal or private systems that we now have emplaced in and around our homes.

The danger and fear is that by having so many points of potential entry into those systems with connected appliances and other wireless devices the security can be compromised unless you take steps to ensure that you make it as difficult as possible for anyone to gain access to them.

There ARE certain steps you can take to make sure that the technology you enjoy has not compromised your security in any way.

These include being absolutely sure to change the factory passwords on all connected devices the minute you get them up and running as many of the factory settings can be accessed online.

Another obvious tip is to be sure that you or family members never share your passwords with anyone outside of your circle.

It is also very smart to restrict access to your information by certain apps that are accessed on your mobile phone. Many “sharing apps” such as calendars and photo sharing and even e-mail need to be protected from anyone who may gain private or protected information after having access to the information on your phone.

Always be sure as well to install any security updates when they are made available by the manufacturer to ensure that your system is completely up to date at all times. Too often we ignore those notifications until it is too late.

It also prudent to be aware of the vendor you are using and the methods they employ for protecting any of your information that may be stored off site.

Ask the questions you want answered before you purchase.

Be sure to contact us here at Pre-Lock Security Services for any information regarding this topic or any other security concerns you may have. Our dedicated and informed staff will assist you with all your security concerns in a courteous and friendly environment.

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