Pre-lock Applaudes the 12 Days of Fire Safety

Holiday safety in OntarioPre-lock is a well established and well known Toronto locksmith and Toronto security provider which hold a great deal of respect for all of the emergency personnel that provides services to the Toronto and surrounding area. It would be remiss not to mention and promote the 12 Days of Fire Safety campaign that is to launch on December 9th, 2014.

This is a fire safety campaign focusing on the Fire Marshall’s 2014 Holiday wish to make this the most fire safe December ever in Ontario. What a great wish, and no doubt one that all Ontario citizens wish for.

The Campaign is inviting everyone to join in and implement the 12 steps that can be put into action to make everyone’s wish come true.

These steps cover a lot of the tips that we have put forth before and more. A lot of them is just the application of responsible thinking, but the holiday gets so busy that we tend to get mesmerized by everything that we have to do that we are not always able to focus on important matters and tasks.

The holiday season is a wonderful and exciting time of year, but also one that puts an extra strain on our emergency responders. Be sure this year when you happen to see one of these individuals to not only wish them a happy holiday but offer a thank you for the services they provide.

While a fire mishap is a really big concern at any time of year it is a little moreso around the holiday season. There are others issues to be alert about as well and this making sure that your home is secured with the proper security protection.

You should be extra careful when out shopping as thieves really like to target people that they think may be vulnerable. Don’t forget all the precautionary measures that should be implemented when parking your vehicle.

Be extra mindful about the seniors in your life. Many of them still like the independence of being able to go to shop, and for those who live alone now is a good time of year to do a review of their home to be sure that it is a safe environment and that they

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