Protecting Your Toronto Family and Assets from Intruders

Toronto securityEvery person has the right to feel secure in their own homes, and should feel confident that the assets contained there are safe. Unfortunately Toronto has its fair share of thieves and this creates the need for added security measures.

Every country and it’s cities has their own methods and approaches for safety and security for homeowners and they do vary. They all have laws that state what measures of protection can be put in place. In the USA for example, some states allow their citizens to carry firearms for personal protection. Here in Toronto this is not the case, but that doesn’t mean that they are not a lot of resources available for security measures.

The Police will tell you that it is never wise to confront an intruder of your home. By doing so you run a high risk of potential personal injury. Then there are the laws that are in place that dictate what you can and cannot do if you find yourself in this situation. These are sometimes forgotten in the heat of the moment of an intrusion and there have been several cases where the victims have ended up being charged based on charges of excessive force or other type charges.

Prevention is the best measure for security issues, and knowing what you can do to thwart a would be criminal from entering your home is your best level of protection. When reviewing what type of security equipment and services that you are going to implement for your protection your first line of thought should be as to how the thief will perceive the security item. For example, if you decide to have new locking devices installed on your doors and have taken extra measures to beef up the durability of the door frame, is going to pose enough of a problem for the burglar that it simply won’t be worth his time and effort.

The next level of defense is a quick response time to the alerts that your security system is going to give you. Is the security equipment going to give you quick notice that there is an attempted break in so you can notify authorities quickly? It doesn’t take much time for thief to break into a vulnerable home and get out again with some of your assets.

If this type of criminal happens to get past your first two lines of defence like your preventative measures, then your fast response times, a third protective action that you can implement is to make sure that your values and most precious assets are stored in security devices that are going to make it difficult for the thief to break into. This could be just one simple item like a home safe.

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