How Security Safe are Your Second Story Windows?

2nd story window securityThere are some areas around our home that we pay particular attention to when it comes to home security. Then there are other areas like our second story windows that we feel are beyond reach of a burglar so we don’t feel any threat and tend to ignore the extra measures that should be taken to secure them.

Even when at home most people tend to keep their doors locked and they have good security features on their lower windows. It is not uncommon though when it is a hot day especially, to leave the upper windows open then head out to work. This is a invitation to any brazen thief. The more secluded the window is the easier it is for this break in artist to gain entry quickly then escape the same way. Or some will simply leave by the front door.

Then there are some homeowners who have their lower windows replaced and don’t do the same with the upper windows. These may have old locking systems on them or none at all. A thief recognizes quickly that there are two sets of windows on the home and the uppers are perfect for getting his task of home entry quick and easy.

If this sounds a little far fetched then you may want to check out this Toronto crime article where not long ago there was a rash of break and enters all through the second story windows of homes. What makes it even more shocking is that the same thing happened last year!

If you have a good security system in your home then all it takes is arming it properly when you leave home, and when you retire for the night. If not then you can take some extra window security measures to keep them protected from break and enters.

  • Always make sure they are closed and locked when you are leaving the home.
  • If they are older windows then consider adding some security equipment such as window jams, or better still window bars. If you think these are unsightly then you will be most impressed with the many designs that they now come in, and how they can actually make your home look more attractive. Pay a visit to Pre-lock security to learn more about these.
  • Another great option is window security film which prevents the glass from being broken to gain entry. These are practically invisible and do change the look of your home at all.

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