Do You Know How To Secure Your Home Doors?

entry door securityWhen it comes to the doors on our homes and their installation often we focus most of our attention on how efficient they are going to be to keep our utility costs down, how easy they will be to install, and how great they look. Then finally after all this we consider how much security will they afford us against break in thieves.

We never really realize just how many choices in doors we have until it comes time to choose them for our homes. While we need a variety of types of doors for our homes lets take a close look at entry doors. These are any of the doors that are going to allow entry from the outside in. You may have only two or several. The minimum you would likely have is a front and rear door. In many cases homes have a front entry, perhaps a side or garage entry, a back door and additional patio doors. The more doors you have the more you need to think about your door security.

When it comes to securing your doors don’t just assume one basic security measure is going to be applicable to all of them. Also, even if you have a good security system in place don’t become lax about extra door security. The more lines of protection that you put in place the harder you are making it for the thieves.

The first thing you need to do is really study your doors and look closely at all the various parts they are made of. These may consist of…

  • the main panel of the door that can be made up of several components like decorative glass for example,
  • the frame
  • the casing
  • hinge
  • jamb
  • side panels
  • door hardware like the lock and handles

Now you need to consider the vulnerability of each of these areas, and then review the options you have to provide extra door security for them. Even the material that the door panel itself is made of is important. Most doors today are made of materials with security in mind.

If you don’t fee comfortable with the present security of your entry doors then give pre-lock a call and see what they recommend. One thing is for certain they will be able to assist you with security that pertains to the vulnerable areas of your doors and also assist you with any other security concerns you may have.


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