Spring Cleaning and Smart Security Planning

spring security checkFinally the warmer weather has made its way to us, and a lot of people are planning on heading outdoors to get some spring cleaning done. It is amazing that we do what we think is a great cleanup in the fall, yet when spring arrives it looks pretty messy.

It might be a little too early yet to think about doing any bush pruning, but it isn’t too early to do a walk about around the exterior of your home to see what is going to need to be done. It wouldn’t hurt to carry a note pad with you and jot down some notes.

While you are doing this walk around try to focus on the security strengths and weaknesses that are present on the outside here.

You probably haven’t unlocked the windows yet so give each one of them a test from the outside just to be sure they are in perfect working order. A lot of people do this on the lower level of their homes but tend to forget about the upper level. Now is a good time to assess whether there is anyway they could be accessed by an intruder. In your opinion you may not risk trying to climb up there, but don’t forget a lot of thieves are pretty brazen.

If you happen to have a good sturdy tree where some branches would support the weight of a person who could then access your windows then you need to give some thought here. A lot of people have no desire to cut big beautiful branches off their trees. So make sure that your present security system is providing coverage for these particular windows. You may want to have sensors installed on them. Also, make sure the locking mechanisms are in good order.

Continuing on with the checking of your windows make sure there are no loose glass panes, or rotting of the window sashes taking place. Don’t forget about the basement windows either assuming they are too small for anyone to get into. Don’t take chances, make sure they are locking correctly.

Check the locks on your doors from the exterior of your home, and make sure they are not loose or in need of repair. Just because they still open and lock with a key doesn’t mean they are providing you with full protection.

If you have fencing around your home there are pros and cons to this. It can help to deter a would be criminal from entering your property. On the other hand it may be viewed by them as the ideal cover once they scale it to get onto your property.

If you don’t have any significant security measures in place, then now is a great time to contact Pre-lock and ask them for a home security assessment.

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